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Albuquerque Area and New Mexico
Government Resources

Provided by Gary Riedel

Albuquerque City Government

CABQ.gov - The City of Albuquerque
www.visitalbuquerque.org/ - Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau
ABQChamber.com - Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce
ABQ.org - Albuquerque Economic Development
BernCo.gov - Bernalillo County

Surrounding City Governments

ci.Rio-Rancho.NM.us - The City of Rio Rancho
RRChamber.org - Rio Rancho Chamber of Commerce
RioRanchoNM.org - Rio Rancho Convention & Visitors Bureau
RREDC.org - Rio Rancho Economic Development Corporation

BelenNM.com - The City of Belen
loslunasnm.gov/ - The Village of Los Lunas
CorralesNM.org - The Village of Corrales

SantaFeNM.gov - The City of Santa Fe

New Mexico Government

State.NM.us - The State of New Mexico
NewMexico.org - New Mexico Department of Tourism
DPS.NM.org - New Mexico Department of Public Safety
NMEnv.State.NM.us - New Mexico Environment Department
MRCOG-NM.gov - The Mid-Region Council of Governments

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